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published on 05/11/2019

The CAYMANYACHTS F520 presented as a world premiere at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival, is the result of a research in renovating the style of the Cayman Yachts fleet through a thorough elaboration of shapes and space for effortless comfort onboard.

When it comes to external design, CAYMAN YACHTS F520 recalls the old Cayman line, which had been the symbol of the family line for over 30 years, with fine details but still looking towards the future.

The overall pleasant exterior design is given by stylistic choices which aim at balancing the image of the boat, as for the wide windows on the sides, the soft shapes along the deckhouse and the delicate rollbar on the flybridge.

The CAYMAN YACHTS F520 has broad external space which can provide excellent usability, also during navigation. Starting from the stern, there is a wide comfortable pilothouse which can be used not only to access the boat, but also for leisure, for instance, jet-skis can be placed there thanks to the (optional) hydraulic tender lift that allows a smooth launch.

Moving to the prow of the main deck, it is possible to access the cockpit which has a sofa and a telescopic and extendable teak table. In the forward part of the main deck, there is a wide area where guest can sunbathe and enjoy the lounge corner with a couch suitable for cocktail time.

The flybridge can be reached through an inox ladder in the cockpit and it is a very pleasant area thought out for the relaxation of the shipowner and the comfort of his guests thanks to not only a massive “C-shaped” sofa and a central table, but also a comfortable and safe control spot for the captain with a co-pilot seat and a cruise console which includes all the control tools of the engines in order to guarantee an excellent experience of navigation in total safety.

The interior layout of the maindeck of the CAYMAN YACHTS F520 has the same attention for details as a living room; the interiors can be accessed through a wide tinted sliding door.

This door has a sliding part on its left side so as to allow the access, while on the right side, the door has a flap shutter which connects the deck saloon with the cockpit in order to create a whole broad space where the outside and the inside are not separated, as aimed by all the nautical designers.

Moreover, the flappable countertop in the kitchen can be used anytime as a lounge bar so as to offer more comfort to the guests, besides providing a magnificent view of the surroundings.

Once inside of the CAYMAN YACHTS F520, the first thing that sticks out is without any doubt the pleasant and diffused light of the boat thanks to the wide windows that allow guests to directly look at the sea.

The CAYMAN YACHTS F520 is different from its competitors since its interiors are cozy, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically efficient.

The kitchen is spacious and has excellent counter and stoves; furthermore, it has any modern and necessary electrical appliance, for example, a sizeable fridge, a dishwasher, and a microwave.

Moving to the prow, there is a massive “C-shaped” sofa and a central table, very suitable to spend quality