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The brand CAYMAN YACHTS was born in the 1990 at Mochi Craft from an idea of Luigi Prosperi, president of one of the most famous italian shipyard.

In 1996 Prosperi left Mochi Craft and he moved the brand Cayman Yachts to La Spezia, he created the new Cantieri Navali del Tirreno shipyard.

With his son Paolo (navalengineer) they developed a new series of yachts that willsoon became the start point of the success of the brand.

During the years at Cayman Yachts they focused on the construction of yacht between 40 feet and 75 feet with top quality interior, thanks to their 40 years experience in the yacht industry.

Their success during so many years is the attestation they did everything in the right way.

At the same time the italian shipyard FLAG MARINE GROUP started a partnership with Luigi Prosperi and began to build some yachts for him.

After a decennary experience as yachts builder for other brands, the two partners of Flag Marine Group decided to make the partnership with Cayman Yachts stronger and they became the two Ceo of the brand.

The first model of the new management, that did its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2017, was the entry level CAYMAN YACHTS S450.

In september 2018 Cayman Yachts presented, always at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the flagship of the brand: CAYMAN YACHTS F920.

Goal of the new management, already reached with the first two models, is to project the new series of Cayman Yachts, with a modernization of all the models to let them going to another level of technology but with the same beauty and customization typical of the italian handicraft.

The tradition, the experience and the know-how that result from this great historic background are linked with the commitment to innovation and the technological upgrade appropriate to an industry with a vision on the future.

At Cayman Yachts the professionalism of the single flows into a harmonious synergy with the team's potential, creating a team of professionals devoted to the incessant pursuit of perfection.

The dreams of the customer becomes truet hanks to the design interpretation of every request and thanks to the customization on every single details of the project, from the structural parts to the interior design.

All the workers are highly skilled thanks to their experience gained during all the years the have built yachts for a lot of brands.

All the employee, including a master shipwright, rapresent the verypower of the yard and they ensure to the costumer a top quality work, both on the interior furniture and on the system on board.

The professionalism is the main skill of the yard, the incredible care in the after-sales and the logistic planning of the maintenance interventions create a synergy of which our customers are the first beneficiaries.

FLAG MARINE GROUP has a shipyard (located in Rosignano Marittimo – Livorno) with also commercial office, administration office, meeting room and Technical office, that follow, with experience and professionalism, all the building process of every yacht, to make sure that all the wishes of the customer become reality.

The production site can be divided into several work zone: assembly zone, joinery, metal workshop, warehouse.

Order and rigorousness compared to the executive project, lead to a perfect result and allow users to have in front of them places with a wonderful glance.

To continue the story CAYMAN YACHTS, relying on a three year business plan, will present the restyling of the CAYMAN YACHTS S520 and CAYMAN YACHTS S580 models, both also in the fly version.

The CAYMAN YACHT S640 and CAYMAN YACHTS S740 models will then complete the range.